Hi there and welcome to my new blog site. You may already know me from my GoodReads blog – hello hello – or you may have just stumbled upon me as you gambolled through the blogosphere. No matter – you’re here now, so take a seat and put your feet up with a cup of something. Green tea, if you’re like me!

My new home here is under construction and I reserve the right to mess with its appearance and tone for a while as I become more familiar with WordPress.

I felt that on my other blog I had to have a ‘book’ focus (it was on GoodReads after all, which kind of lends itself to bookishness!) and I wanted to expand my voice to include other aspects of my life, hence the change in location, though if I can play my technology-challenged cards right, this will appear on GoodReads too!

As I trundle through my healing journey (7 years or more and counting) I wanted to be able to share parts of that journey, how it impacts on my life, the things I do and how I write. It can be quite difficult to finish a manuscript when squinting at the screen, or sometimes typing with my eyes closed, are the only realistic ways to keep plugging away, as my vision gets all squiggly.

BUT! I don’t want to be the ill person who writes! I want to the author who just happens to experience illness (for now).

So check out the books I have online and I’ll stay in touch as often as I can.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dell says:

    Congratulations on the new blog & web site!
    Look forward to reading 🙂


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