Connections, Community and the written word

The written word is a powerful tool used daily to connect us all. In advertising, in articles, blogs and books, the human experience is wound around us through the words we speak and the words we write.

‘We use the written word to share the human experience’

I connect here and on multiple platforms across social media because I want to feel that sense of community that I lack in my physical world. After nearly seven years of illness, my physical worlds has shrunk considerably. The joy of being able to express myself through the written word to an almost limitless cyber community is wonderful.

For me, that is also the wonder of writing a novel. It is a tangible creation of the imaginary world, or whole new community, that floats through my mind (don’t hold the fact I still have imaginary friends against me!)

Yes, I live within a community, but increasingly, unfortunately, I have only limited interaction with these physical connections.

To explore the world I write about, where anything is possible; and to connect to social media, is rapidly becoming a worldwide community where any physical limitations only mean I can’t read every single blog or article I’d like to because my eyes simply cannot look at the screen long enough.

What does community mean to you?

Have the connections you make changed since social media and how?

If you’d like to feature here on your thoughts about community, connections and writing, post your thoughts into the contact page with your email and a link to your own blog, and I’ll share your story along the way! 🙂

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