End of a Series and new writing goals

Dear Diary,

There you have it. I have uploaded the details and ordered the proof copy of the last book in my first completed series. A children’s fantasy series full of magic, dragons, friendship, courage and, of course, danger. It’s quite the accomplishment if I do say so myself, and I intend on doing the obligatory immodest bragging. Even if only here, in the cyber world of online diaries.

The way forward was littered with days of extreme pain, mental and physical fatigue (a few tears that shall remain nameless) – but the outcome is so personally satisfying there aren’t words to express it (and yes, I can see the irony of that, thank you, being as I am, a writer and someone generally never at a loss for words).

Book Four: a bright shiny addition to the catalogue of my written works, should arrive at the end of the week and hopefully, it will do so with no major errors in its completion, so I can approve the proof and it’ll be rolled out over the next two weeks to all major online retailers.

At the same time, I’ll release the Kindle version, so it’ll be available by the weekend!

Now, I am divided. Exhausted and elated, I want to sit on the mountain top of series victory and simply relax; the deed is done and very soon Daniel’s first series of adventures in the magical land of Novarmere will be over (for me, for now). BUT – I have come to love this land so much, there is a part of me that doesn’t want me to sit and enjoy the moment too long – there are new adventures in the Known World to be written. The ideas in my head are more of a driver than any boss could be.

It’s exciting to think that the series will soon be all ‘out there’ in the large world: but there is another just beginning. The new goal? To be able to fight through the brain fog and eye strain long enough to write it.

Wish me luck!

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