Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard Quartet

Well, as I mentioned the other day, it is all completed! Not only have they now been written, edited and covered (love my cover artist and his work!). Both Kindle and paperback versions of all of the first series of the Chronicles of Novarmere are awaiting their audience.

It’s very exciting and I hope that you feel free to have a sneak peek on Amazon (I think it is the first three chapters they have as previews, yes?).

There are wizards, magic, large dragons (are evidenced by the cover of book four), bad guys and heroes and even a Princess. And also, for everyone who always wanted someone extraordinary to call friend, there is the little candlestick dragon himself – Nilofar, who rides upon your shoulder and puffs smoke in your eyes when he laughs. A friend indeed!

Welcome to Novarmere – one country in the Known World, where there are more adventures just waiting to be discovered.

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