My First Invitational Event!

How Delicious.

Last night, after a day of conserving energy, Daring Author (that’s me) managed to make it out to a writers’ group she was invited to speak at. Having never done this before, I had no idea what to expect, just hoped they wouldn’t eat me alive. I can say with delight that not only was it a pleasure, they also served dinner (not me)!

The group is called Pen to Paper Writers’ Group and I have to say, while not everyone could turn up, I had enormous fun. It is wonderful to be in a group of likeminded people, who are full of ideas and questions about the one topic that we all know and love – writing, books, and how to get out there in amongst our audience.

I only have one regret – that I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take a photo so I could put it here and show you all these generous and gorgeous women, who made my night.

I spoke of the journey to self publishing, how much hard work it can be, but also the help I’ve had on the way. Now that I am in the marketing stage I may have become a little bogged down (I write for goodness sake, I never learned to market anything!) but I’m still learning and forging ahead as much as my limitations allow me, and it was a most informative evening. I learned quite a bit and I hope that they did too! I learned what it means to have others close by who are all on the same journey, the support and joy of sharing (I had to read from one of my books! Totally freaked me out), and how exciting it is to discuss future plans with others who are so enthusiastic.

The evening didn’t go too long for me – I am sure they were still working on writing exercises long after I made it home and was tucked up in my bed. But to share my work and have a few laughs about the twists and turns of a writer’s imagination (I had a book there on a retiring assassin befriending a possible alcoholic party girl; one on children rescuing chickens; and another on children and dragons – yes, the mind does wander) was joyful and I appreciated being invited to speak and share my information, and the idea that there will be more writing fun to be had in the future with people just like me!

Thank you, Pen to Paper!


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