First Prose/Poem share

I have always wondered… does it count if it doesn’t always rhyme?


Next Generation

No time. Your turn. Try to help out more.

Shriek yell shout

Lout. Bitch.

How did i end up with you

When does time sap ‘i do’?


If you spent more time …

If you said i love you, thank you, sorry –

If you didn’t watch footy-

If you didn’t bitch carp nag…

If you listened to the pain inside



bills line heart, deafened, deadened to the memory

of white dresses, drinking bubbles of intoxicated hope

hunched. Defeated.

Won’t can’t shan’t forgotten how –

to hear touch smell define: heart stuff.


Mine. Gimme. Don’t touch.



Watched. Wide staring, silent eyes.

No voice. No wonder.

Won’t know won’t see can’t tell

the collateral damage of the young


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