a short hello

It’s winter here in the land known as Down Under and I type this with finger-less gloves and a 25% wool cardie on. No, it’s not the fashionable look for wandering down the street, but I’m tucked up at home alone reading all things geeky on Comic Con sites and perhaps that makes it the perfect fashion statement, really.

In the last 3 years I’ve published 6 books and have taken some time off. It wasn’t necessarily by choice – my battles with long term chronic illness took a nose dive as many of you know, and using a computer looking at a screen, for any length of time has become… problematic to say the least. That and you know, cognitive impairment is the official term, but calling it mass brain fog makes me feel better. 🙂

I have started a few projects – for those of you who enjoy the Novarmere series, there is the chance there will be more from there as Daniel gets older and truly, in a magical land, is danger ever very far away? I’ve also looked at where Fiona is headed in her own little world, but writing another after The Age of Corruption may take a while – that book was a mammoth task of trying to keep her from chatting away several more 100,000s of words. She’s a hard one to control!

So I’m not saying nothing is happening, I’m just saying it’s all very slow and I hope those who enjoyed the beginning of Fiona’s story and Novarmere series one, will be happy to be patient with me and longsuffering in their wait – I may have to look at adding some novellas! They are, at least, somewhat smaller in scale to novels, though take as much out of a writer in terms of plotting.

Anyway, as winter marches on and there are less outside days, maybe, just maybe, progress on the projects on my to-do board will be made.

Wish me luck and Happy Reading!

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