Windows 10 – huh!

Well, after weeks and weeks of clicking on the ‘no’ button for a windows update, this morning Microsoft got jack of that and updated me anyway! I was halfway through writing down a receipt number off the screen and suddenly, wham! I was logged off and I had Windows 10 installed without so much as a courtesy ‘please log out of all programs (or write down receipt numbers really fast!)’ beforehand!

Yes, ok, this is not major end of the world stuff that can happen if you say…walk in front of a moving car, or something. But I was surprised, nay! shocked! even, with the abrupt no more waiting for me to capitulate – I had to have windows 10 – attitude.

So now I’m all kinds of windows compliant and up-to-date, but have a whole new look and feel to my nice and comfy computer to familiarise myself with. I had to hunt down my favourites (dreading to lose any of my saved self-publishing websites) and squint at the screen as the sizing of my icons were teeny! Among other inconveniences that I shan’t bore you with :).

Thankfully, we are all systems go again (sort of) with some teething troubles (my lack of navigation skills!) that will be ironed out over time.

So … can I use this as an excuse as to why the short story I was pondering hasn’t been done? I’m not sure if anyone will let me get away with it – but I just might try!

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  1. shanecarlhall says:

    How annoying! Lucky for me, after deleting the secret ready-to-install package they sneaked onto my hard drive multiple times, MS took the hint. I wouldn’t even be opposed to choosing 10 for an upgrade if they hadn’t constantly forced it down my throat.


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