Welcome to the Dragon!

I am a firm believer that we are never to old to enjoy a soft plushie. That said – please welcome to the international stage #Nilofar, the little dragon of #Novarmere!

If you have followed along on #Facebook, you have briefly met Nilofar before, as he jumped into my Facebook posts a week or so ago. If not – say hello to the littlest hero of Novarmere.

In the children’s fantasy series Chronicles of Novarmere, Daniel Smith, one ordinary little boy from a town just like yours, called Fadden, disappears down a Gateway and winds up in the magical Land of Novarmere. There he meets new friends, old enemies and finds that the best kind of hero is made when you find the courage deep inside yourself.

Daniel has a history of being bullied and doesn’t have all that many friends. This all changes when he meets Nilofar. Nilofar is a small dragon, about the size of a cat, has blazing red eyes, and spikes and scales all over! He can spit fire and turn himself into solid stone if threatened.

Here is Nilofar in my arms, stealing the limelight (as usual)! He fully intends to hang around my house, have tea with us and in general, have a bit of fun.

He is always ready for a chat and if you have any questions (or any junior members of your family do) don’t hesitate to ask him!


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