Nilofar the Candlestick Dragon joins Twitter

A very small post today.

Just letting you all know that Nilofar, star and hero of the Chronicles of Novarmere series (hero alongside his human, Daniel, of course) has now joined the Twitterverse!

It was a big step for such a little dragon. Already he has been photographed taking a pratfall while larking about on a brick wall. Regardless of his claws and a natural athletic ability, his foot slipped and there was a photographer there to capture it 🙂 (see below)for-the-blog

He will be wandering around gardens, sipping tea with friends, and handing out handy dragon tips and hints, like being very careful with fire and spikes around fragile humans!

In case you missed his debut, The Candlestick Dragon Book One of the Chronicles of Novarmere, is FREE as an ebook across a variety of online bookstores, including ibooks, Kobo, Kindle, Smashwords and the Nook.

In the first adventure of Novarmere, you meet Daniel, a lonely 12 year old boy, who finds Nilofar, which changes his life forever. Nilofar is trying to find a lost Royal Artefact and the pair soon find themselves hunted by an evil wizard who is after the same thing! Determined to protect his mother from the wizard, Daniel follows Nilofar back to Novarmere across a magical Gateway, where he becomes entangled in more magic and more danger.

Fortunately, he also comes across new allies along the way.

Now he is here and has decided to become vocal on Twitter! So if you like a dragon or two, fantasy and magic, please follow Nilofar at @NilofarDragon. He may also give hints about his life in Novarmere if asked!


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