Smashwords ebook sale 5-11 March 2017

Hello there! Before I start I apologise for the promotional blog post, but the sale information is only valid for one week, so I couldn’t help myself telling you all about it!


This is just a very quick post for those of you who are simply crazy about books. For one week only, 5-11 March 2017, Smashwords is giving away hundreds of ebook copies. Not only that, but hundreds more are discounted 25%, 50% and even a whopping great big 75%!!

If you love to try new books and new authors, now is a very good time to take a peek at what is available.

Not only that.. but if you enjoyed The Candlestick Dragon, now is the best time to get the last three in the Chronicles of Novarmere series. Not only book one but also book two are free downloads and nothing in my entire range is over $1.50 for one week only!

Just visit Smashwords and click on the books you love, to see the heavily reduced prices by using the coupons provided on the site. Click here!



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