On Instagram – mini fictions

Hello everyone!

Just a really quick post to let you know what you are missing. If you are on Instagram and like micro fiction/flash fiction, I am posting words on there on a semi-regular basis these days. I am attempting to get myself all psyched up to write a new novel. It is a lot harder than you think, seeing as it has been several years since I have written one.


By writing mini fictions weekly, I am retraining my brain to get into the word usage mood (yes, that is now a thing) and the discipline of writing again. Like all muscles, the brain needs to be exercised, and mine has become a floppy thing not actively used for some time (long term chronic illness will do that). Not only that, but it takes sitting down at roughly the same time, actively pursuing words, to bring about the discipline required for a whole novel. Just like when I was actually able bodied enough to run or swim, it took getting out there any consistently exercising to gain muscle, now I need to try for the same level of discipline for my mental muscle. What with brain fog it becomes a bit harder, but it is fun to put together short bursts before the longer haul of a novel.

If you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me and my literary efforts in miniature as I break my writing fast and attack flash fiction, the micro story or whatever you prefer to call little stories that don’t run more than one to four panels.

There will be dark fiction (short stories with a more adult feel to them), sci-fi shorts (I love me some galaxy fun! – grammar notwithstanding) and some interesting hints to the past of Novarmere, such as the one below, where Wizard Heugo is starting to remember the Great Wizard War and how he unlocked some of the mystery around the magical stiggregia cats. (For those of you who have read the first Chronicles of Novarmere, there’s a hint in the species name and the name of one of our favourite villains.)


All of that coming up and more! Just follow along on Instagram, which is also shared on my Facebook page, Tumblr, and Pinterest pages, for those who are not on Instagram.

Hope to see you soon.


Featured Image Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash




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