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Melanie Ifield writes novels for all ages. After years exploring the written word from a young age, culminating in a degree in journalism, Melanie now writes full time. Melanie loves the idea of loosing yourself in new worlds or new experiences through books and hopes her stories will provoke that love in others.

She has been self publishing since 2013 with a fantasy series for everyone over the age of eleven called the ‘Chronicles of Novarmere’ where Daniel and the little dragon Nilofar set out to save a Kingdom; a children’s adventure story where the determination and strength of the eleven year old protagonist saves the lives of mistreated chickens in ‘The Chicken Liberation Army’; and a romantic thriller with action and adventure for adults called ‘The Age of Corruption’.

Melanie has taken some time out due to long term chronic illness. However, for now and forever, her passion is writing. Her dream is for her books to find their audiences and to write as often, and as much, as she can while she can. She’ll change tone, voice and genre. She’ll write in novels, in journals, on her blog, in notebooks and on post-it-notes if she has to.

Then one day, one very fine day, all her dreams will come true. She hopes yours do too.

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A brief look at Melanie’s health journey:

“Back in 1996, after months of pain, weight loss and internal bleeding, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (CD), an Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD). In true youthful fashion, I set about experiencing life as fast as I could, regardless of trips to hospital and limitations. In 2009 I was given the great news of having that condition in remission, just after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

In an attempt to ‘normalise’ my life, and as CFS can make you allergic to just about everything, I stopped taking CD medication in 2010. While remission is just that, remission not a cure, trying to manage the recovery journey without medication seemed the way forward at the time.

Things came crashing to a halt in 2012 when the life I was crafting blew away and I became bedridden. Slowly coming back from that, I was diagnosed with Postural orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) in 2014. This, unfortunately, has been a major upheaval in my health journey. I stay positive with meditation, great friends, an online community that is full of positive and wonderful people, and the dream to write more books again in the future.

As with most health conditions, there can be fallout and I have found by not exercising consistently, or at all, my muscles have withered away. Without muscular support, the scoliosis S curve of my spine, with twisted vertebrae between shoulders and in the neck, has become hyper-mobile, wandering off, so to speak, at odd moments, causing increasing problems and pain. Help is always at hand with regular myotherapy appointments that keep me on track.

I thank God for all my support networks and health professionals.”