The Endless hours of Illness: Overcoming boredom

There seems to be a middle ground to this illness, I am discovering along the way. There are days when it is simply a fight for survival and days when it is possible to wake up and actually do something – like take a walk. Help prepare a meal. See a friend (the shock!). While…

What if cancer is just a symptom?

Okay, before someone writes me a nasty little note, no I am not a Doctor, nor am I going to be advocating any form of treatments here. This is an opinion blog, not an article of scientific merit. If you don’t like opinion pieces, or prefer things laden with hard hitting facts, please stop reading….

Brain Fog

Having chronic illness and brain fog has interfered with my blogging!

How I wrote a novel with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Firstly, let me just say, I doubt any one person ends up experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) exactly like another. There are people who can work through the symptoms, others who are bedridden and still other who cannot look at a screen, or book, because the stimulus is too much for their system to handle….

A welcome to the New Year: 2017!

Hello and a huge welcome to 2017 from me. I truly hope it is full of dream and wish fulfilment for you all. I was very quiet over the holidays as I tried to stay away from the computer and get lots of sun and exercise. As much as possible for someone who is still…

A break in Transmission

It wasn’t the little break in my life that I had hoped for. I was going away, by car, for the first time in three years. I thought I was prepared. I’d told my online world I’d be away from social media for five days and I had packed enough painkillers to sink… well, me!…

Light Sensitive? Allergic to technology?

The joys of this era! Hours and hours glued to a screen – for entertainment or for work. Either way, our eyes are getting unprecedented exposure to the blue light that these screens emit. To use a blue light filter or not – that is my new question! It may not be the question on…

a short hello

It is winter in Australia and the weather may just force me to sit down and complete a new project!

Hospital Hangover

Am sitting here with yellow goggles on, hoping that by wearing these and limiting my exposure to the blue light of the screen, I won’t get a migraine and will be able to write some more. The other night I tripped my way to hospital, all wailing agony, brain on fire too-large-for-my-skull pain ripping my…

Writing and the art of long hand

In the media recently there has been chatter about the death of hand writing and how it has become an obsolete lesson to teach the next generation. I find this disturbing – even though my writing is such that no one but myself can read it. With our obsession with technology getting out of control,…