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Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard Quartet – Completed!

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Book 1: The Candlestick Dragon

The Candlestick Dragon cover vElaine
Ages 11-14

Twelve year old Daniel Smith believes he is an ordinary boy, living in a little town where nothing exciting happens. That is, until he finds Nilofar the talking dragon; meets a wizard; and discovers a world full of swords and sorcery. Welcome to an exciting new fantasy series with action, adventure and magic for all.


Finding a candlestick with a small stone dragon wrapped around it changes Daniel’s life forever. The dragon is on the hunt for the stolen Royal Sceptre from another realm called Novarmere. The Princess Rishana of Novarmere needs the Sceptre for her birthday ceremony to Bond her to Land and Throne. The ceremony is merely days away and Nilofar is in a race against time to get it back.


The evil wizard Rullin has his own plans for the Sceptre and there is nothing he won’t do to fulfil them as he follows the Sceptre’s magical trail to Daniel’s hometown. When Daniel and Nilofar beat him to the Sceptre, Rullin threatens Daniel – give him the Sceptre or Daniel’s mother dies.

Travelling through the Gateway to lead the wizard away from his family, and losing Nilofar along the way, Daniel must warn the Queen of Novarmere that she faces the dark and dangerous magic of Rullin, but first he has to find Nilofar by travelling through the Great Forest, where magical creatures harm the unwary. When coming face to face with danger, will he run, or will he stand and fight?

Daniel discovers that doing the right thing is harder, and more perilous, than he had ever imagined.

Enter the new world of Novarmere today and meet Daniel Smith and his friend Nilofar, the fire-breathing, smoke-chuckling little dragon as their journey begins and their lives are changed dramatically as Daniel discovers his inner bravery, and helps Nilofar to save a Kingdom.

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Book 2: Hunt for the Last Wizard

Hunt for the Last Wizard cover Final from Elaine
Ages 11-15

Welcome back to the magical Kingdom of Novarmere where Daniel is trapped as they search for his only way home – the Princess’ wizard Poe.


Daniel has no idea of the way time moves between his hometown and the Kingdom of Novarmere, and he left his mother behind in order to save her from the evil wizard Rullin. Now the Princess’s succession to the Throne is assured, he is free to return home – if they can find the wizard Poe. Poe is missing, kidnapped in a terrible act of betrayal and it is up to Daniel, and his new friends, to rescue him.

When Daniel accidentally drinks the waters of the Glass Sea, magic seeps into his veins. This makes some rather startling changes along the way, including growing several centimetres almost overnight. Daniel has a strange feeling that the clock is ticking as his body slowly starts to boil with the magic inside.

In the second book of the ‘Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard Series’, Daniel faces more sorcery, even more danger and magical forces than ever before as the sirens of the Glass Sea attempt to drag him into a watery grave. With angry dragons and hungry goblins who would like nothing more than to eat the companions alive, travel in the Land of Novarmere is not for the faint-hearted!

What else will happen as the companions journey north on the hunt for the last wizard of Novarmere? Buy your copy now and dive into the fantasy action today.

 Book 3: Dragon Magic

Dragon cover 3 Dragon Magic final from elaine
Ages 11-16

Daniel and his companions journeyed north rescuing Poe from the hidden forces of Bauhinia, only to discover that war had been declared in their absence between Novarmere and Bauhinia. As Novarmere gears itself up for war, Daniel needs his friends more than ever. Magic that his body was not designed to hold is burning through him. Can he survive this ancient sorcery?

Daniel thought Poe would extract the magic seeping through his veins. Unfortunately, Poe can’t help. The origins of the magic are too foreign for the young wizard. While going home to a world without magic halts the problem for a while, Princess Rishana has ordered Poe to bring Daniel back to help with their mounting problems. Nilofar’s life is endangered as he slowly Solidifies into stone, unable to reverse the process; the war effort is going too slowly for a longed for easy victory, and Bauhinia’s high Priest, Lord Boan, has released magical warriors to lead his troops.


Daniel’s body was coping with the magic when he went home, but now he’s back in Novarmere and it burns. The troubles keep mounting up. Novarmere is fighting all along the border against the blind aggression of Bauhinia, as the Bauhinians tap into ancient magic, raising deadly Morphs to destroy Novarmere. The magic in Daniel’s blood is boiling. Nilofar is fading away into stone under a spell even Poe does not understand. Where can they turn for help?


Daniel can feel it – the call of the Northern Fire Plains. Home of the dragons. Daniel is determined to reach them and ask for their aid. Can they help Novarmere as it faces the Skeletal Morphs that lead the Bauhinian soldiers? Can they save Nilofar and Daniel from the magic that is destroying them both? There is a chance the dragons, with their ancient knowledge, can save them all, but will they?

Find out! Available in ebook and paperback right now.

Book 4: The Return of the Dragon LordDragon cover book four final

It has all been leading to this. The return of the stolen Sceptre to Rishana, Heir of Novarmere; finding Poe in the midst of a secret enemy base within the Kingdom; Daniel’s newfound magical abilities after he swallowed Glass Seawater; and the march to war with a foe harbouring dark designs on the Kingdom and all within it. Find out how the Dark Wizard Series ends – out now!


Novarmere can’t survive a direct confrontation with its neighbour Bauhinia. For one thing, Bauhinia has a much larger army. For another, Bauhinia is home to the evil wizard Rullin, and his Master, who hunger for the magic within the very soil of Novarmere. They have raised an ancient evil in their quest for domination; the dreaded Skeletal Morphs, ferocious and deadly warriors who appear to be unstoppable.


The dragons will not lend their aid in this fight having vowed never again to intervene in the wars of men. Only the Dragon Lord could get them to break this oath, but the Dragon Lords vanished hundreds of years ago. The only way to aid Novarmere is to strike at the very heart of Bauhinia. So the companions form a daring plan, but need the one thing they are forbidden to take to make it work – the Sceptre. Are they prepared to betray the Royal Blood of Novarmere and take what they need to survive?


Nilofar is just across the border and is being used to help control the magic Bauhinia is set to unleash. There is also hope. In Daniel’s fevered dreams when the magic inside him was burning bright, he saw a young girl with Nilofar. Who is this girl who resembles the Princess of Novarmere? Is she the Bond-mate the dragons speak of?


The dragons have sworn never to meddle in human affairs again. Who is strong enough to call them to war? Will the dragons leave their Lair to aid Novarmere in its darkest hour?

Who is the Dragon Lord?

Before you read the conclusion to the Chronicles of Novarmere Dark Wizard Series, go back to where it all began by getting the first book in the series FREE as an instant download and discover the wonders of Novarmere from the very beginning. Meet Daniel Smith, Nilofar, Laningrin and more, in the stunning fantasy adventure series that now reaches its grand conclusion!

Bellamante Productions

The Chicken Liberation Army


Action and adventure, mystery and detective fiction for the young reader, or read out loud for the whole family to enjoy!

What is happening to the chickens behind the wire at the local hen farm? Bella is determined to find out in this adventure story full of action and mystery for ages seven and up!

Eleven year old Bella, Casey, Taylor and Jamie are stuck babysitting Bella’s eight year old brother Rhys, but Bella has other plans brewing!

Bella’s natural curiosity and sense of the dramatic makes her see conspiracies where there are none, but when her brother is upset by the condition of some chickens he finds at the Farmers’ Markets, she is determined to discover why they appear to be so ill.

Attempts to talk to the owners of the new hen farm just out of town are rudely knocked back and Bella is sure there is more going on behind the closed doors and high fences. Her friends are afraid that her crusading spirit will get them into trouble, but won’t say no to a new adventure. Rhys is determined to help out, even though he’s worried about what Bella might get up to next!

Come on a camping trip that leads to a frightful discovery and a confrontation with scary consequences. Read aloud to the whole family or delight in older children discovering a love of reading for themselves by getting your copy today!

Sample reviews here:  Amazon    GoodReads

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