The Unfortunate Evolution of Prices

Hello my lovelies!

This is just a very short note to let you know that as of the 1st of July 2018, the prices of my print books will be set to rise, almost across the whole range and all countries.

I am so sorry for this. I have been absorbing the extra costs of printing as they arose, but sadly, I can no longer do this. So, if you wish to avoid the price adjustment, order your copies today!

It won’t just be affecting the Chronicles of Novarmere series, pictured above. There will also be adjustments to The Age of Corruption and The Chicken Liberation Army.

chicken_liberation_army_lightestThe Age of Corruption - cover art

Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the cost of printing is out of my control. Due to the way some online retailers  make their own adjustments to recommended prices, costs may go up or down, depending on what sales they are promoting at this time. Once again, this too is out of my control.

To order your very own copy, please do go to all major online book retailers, including, but certainly not limited to:


This is as it is a major retailer. However, books are also available on most countries local Amazon outlet.

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository



Happy reading, my friends!

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