A welcome to the New Year: 2017!

Hello and a huge welcome to 2017 from me. I truly hope it is full of dream and wish fulfilment for you all.

I was very quiet over the holidays as I tried to stay away from the computer and get lots of sun and exercise. As much as possible for someone who is still climbing the Health Mountain, anyway. For the most part, it was slow walks and fresh air.

I was asked when there may be a new release on the horizon, but I am still unable to give that sort of information a date. I can say that I am working hard on getting stronger and that is always a good sign for future books and short stories! I hope that you can bear with me for some time to come and continue to check in over this coming year to see updates as they occur.

As for now, I’ll leave you to your new year’s resolutions and possible after-party lethargy!

Take care and all the very best for the coming 12 months.

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